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Default I agree.... BUT

Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I am not sure if I agree. Like I stated if I want to cram in as many games and stunts as possible then I would take a Carnivale cruise. However cruising is not always about how much beer I can drink in 2 mins or whatever other stunt is dreamed up. Sometimes to some people a cruise means just that, a relaxing elegant form of traveling. Maybe take in a book in the library, maybe a cup of coffee or a martini. How about a wonderful dinner some great conversation and a nice show to take in, then maybe some dancing.... Thats my idea of a cruise....relax, breath in and out...and take in some sun as you drift off in dreamland....

Like I said the reason for so many different cruise lines is because everyone does not have the same taste.
The one thing that stood out in my mind on our last Celebrity cruise (Infinity up to Alaska) was that there was this wonderful fellow giving talks (and some visuals behind on a screen) about what to expect, look for, enjoy etc. at each port the next day. He was very informative and yet very entertaining and we learned alot about Alaska just listening (and watching) him. Can't think of his name off the top of my head but he was excellent. I do think that this sort of 'event' is enjoyed and appreciated.
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