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My first flight(s) was Dec 1957 Augusta - Atlanta - Dallas - Los Angeles. I don't remember much of flight but have heard stories all my life (i was six weeks old).

When I was young (ealry - mid 60s), I flew frequently between LA and San Francisco to visit family. PSA flight attendants had pink hot pants and served coffee, tea, or fruit punch. PSA configured one row with rear facing seats so it was great for a family.

I have accumulated 2 - 3 million miles flying and feel quite comfortalbe on a plane. Commuting between MCO and DCA for seven years before and after 9/11 was actually a great experience.

I have got to fly on some great aircraft (never had opportunity to fly SST) in some great configurations. I have met some great FA and some terrible ones. I have been loyal to Delta for 15 years so feel most comfortable with them. I used to fly Eastern out of Terminal A at Logan and loved it; great to park right above the terminal. Eastern service was wonderful.

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