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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
When I was young (ealry - mid 60s), I flew frequently between LA and San Francisco to visit family. PSA flight attendants had pink hot pants and served coffee, tea, or fruit punch. PSA configured one row with rear facing seats so it was great for a family.
PSA in the 60s and 70s was a hoot. In addition to stews (you could call them that then and they didn't mind at all) in hot pants, they flew mostly 727s and painted smiley faces on the noses. They used to look for any excuse at all to give out cake or ice cream or whatever. And since they flew intrastate they weren't subject to all the ticketing rules that applied to interstate flights. When you bought your "ticket" they would ring you up on a cash register like the one at the grocery store, and the cash register slip was your ticket.

They once hired the great Stan Freberg to do some advertising and marketing work for them. Stanley's first idea was to pass out rabbits' feet as you boardied the plane. Even PSA drew the line at that one. Then Stan proposed that they do projections inside the plane to make it look like you were really on a train. That one didn't "fly" either. But you gotta love Stanley. When he signed a contract to do commercials after that, he put in a clause that said: The commercials will be funny. Mr. Freberg shall be the sole judge of what is and is not funny."

It really was fun to fly in those days, and PSA was about the most fun you could have. Used to ride them a lot between LA, San Francisco and Sacramento.
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