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I for one cannot get a credit card due to poor credit so I have to rely on using a debit card. However, I go to my bank and open a temporary debit card account and put money into it. then all my purchases go through that and if I was victim of identity theft, they only got that account and not my personal account with everything else on it to take from. And my credit union will cover me the same as a credit card if there is a problem. Just make sure you have a little more in your total than you might need for those rare instances where it is double billed. Nobody says you have to spend it all when on your trip but have that buffer in case something comes up and you need it. It is all in the planning before your trip that makes the trip that much better. I for one also recommend that you research the internet in everything you can think of before your cruise so you are best prepared for information you will need. AGAIN, for "new" cruisers, try your local credit union and ask them for a separate debit/credit card to put money into and use that only for everything on your trip.
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