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Default Holland America Staterooms Ready at 11:30

Holland America Staterooms Ready at 11:30
by Paul Motter

This important premium boarding option is included in the cruise fare for everyone at one cruise line

A verandah stateroom on Holland America In light of the recent Carnival announcement for a premium boarding service to cruisers willing to pony up $49.95, I recalled an initiative put into action by Holland America last year to make all of its staterooms ready for occupancy by 11:30 a.m. to everyone onboard - at no additional cost.

Certainly enough, I had a chance to see if the guarantee was true during my recent Alaska cruise on the Oosterdam a few weeks ago, and I can testify that my stateroom was indeed ready and was occupied by me at 11:30 a.m. - just about the time we boarded the ship.

This is actually a very significant accomplishment for which Holland America deserves a big "congratulations." It required a great deal of planning - as I learned when I interviewed Hart Sugarman, Deputy Director of Housekeeping Operations for Holland America, about the new program last year.

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