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First time I can remember flying was a trip from Dallas to San Francisco. I was 7 years old. I went on American Airlines around 1960. They let me pass out napkins, and gave me a Jr. Stewardess certificate. They told me when I turned 18 I could apply to be a sterwardess. I dreamed of that day forever. I finally did it for 20 years! It was the best experience of my life, the most fun, and oh so many stories!!!!
I wouldn't know where to begin, but in my old manual we had a Stewardess manual, and you rang you stewardess call bell. Then a revision came out, and said, when male stewards are present on the plane, you will refer to them as stewards and the ladies as stewardess's. One of the first jobs on board for the lead flight attendant read,
"after finishing your preflight safety check, please make and offer the captain and the crew coffee."

Do you remember the stewardess call bell (she had a dress on a stick figure with long hair)? don't you dare ring that call bell at takeoff- I'm not coming down the aisle!!!!! ha ha ha

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