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Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
There two three engine planes that are used mostly for cargo these days. The 727 and the L1011.
It seemed to me that when TWA flew the L1011 to Europe they were flying faster than today's planes.


Actually, there were three three-holers in common use. The Boeing 727 narrow body, which was the workhorse throughout the sixties and seventies, and still in service at some airlines well into the nineties. Then there were two widebody three-holers, the Lockheed L-1011 and the Douglas DC-10 (and later its successor the 11). You can probably find specimens of each of them flying somewhere still today, but they basically succumbed to age and their gross fuel inefficiency.

The 727 has basically been replaced by the 737 and the Airbus 319-320 series. Modern widebodies include the 767, 777 and 787, along with the Airbus rough equivalents. RJs have been added to fleets, with planes made mostly by Embraer and Canadair (Bombardier). I never understood why Boeing never made an RJ.
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