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It was on again last night.

I think CNN is actually moving to the solid middle or even conservative. Last night Piece Morgan interviewed Mitts 5 sons and he and the lady anchors were all gaga over them.

But the piece was not a hatchet job at all - it showed the factory where people got fired because of Bain - and showed that the very same factory & people were used in a set of commercials 8 years ago when he ran for Governor (and it was an old story then). It showed people got fired, but that also many more companies were made more prosperous.

It showed the Olympics, and that he went to Harvard Law. There was a lot about Ann.

There were a couple of moments were he looks like a "spooky dude" - a little stiff. But mostly he comes off as a very capable businessman who probably could fix the fixable problems this country has right now.
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