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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post

Do you see a time when the UK doesn't need or want a King, and Queen?
Hi Luanne

How are you?

To be honest - not in my lifetime.

I don't think it is a question of need, what is the alternative?? President Tony Blair or President David Cameron - omg no - I guess that would be the cry.

The Royal Family were not very popular just after the death of Diana - they were very badly advised until Tony Blair stepped in.
Everyone views William and Harry as Diana's boys - say no more.

Credit where credit is due - the Queen since the funeral of Diana has not put a foot wrong and Camilla after her marriage to Charles - has kept a low, quiet profile. I am actually warming to her.

So who knows - a lot will depend upon the children of William and Kate.

While I am here, may I say I don't think Scotland will separate from the UK - if we did - we would still maintain the Royal Family.

My own opinion - we make more money out of the Royal Family than they cost - certainly people don't bow and scrape as much as they used too.

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