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Originally Posted by mcquestion View Post
Celebrity, Solstice, Jan 4, 2013..Auckland to Sydney, 12 night:
How exciting! We were thrilled to be on the Solstice back June-for a 12 day Med. Maybe one day w ewill be able to do your trip.

For now we have booked another 4 day this time on Celebrity Constellation-precruise we will spend several days in Tampa. Our 30this in January and Tampa was where we spent our honeymoon.

The cruise this summer was a pre 30th anniversary family gift that we took with our daughter, a teacher and a good friend of hers. We wanted her to go with us-besides Rome and Venice would not be as fun in Jan. I think. Still, we wanted to do a little something on our real anniversary, just the 2 of us-so to the Constellation here we come!
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