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Default Princess: No Failure to Rescue Fisherman

Princess: No Failure to Rescue Fisherman
by Paul Motter

Princess says new photographic evidence shows the line was not guilty of failing to aid a vessel in danger.


This picture was taken by the bird watchers on deck and shows a Panga,
according to Princess Cruise Line

Last April three bird watchers on the deck of Star Princess sighted a small boat at sea. As they watched it with their high quality zoom lenses they came to believe they saw one of the passengers trying to signal the ship by flagging a piece of light-colored cloth. They became concerned that the boat was adrift at sea and that the men onboard were trying to signal that they were in danger.

The three people notified some staff members who relayed the information to the bridge, but when the officers on the bridge investigated the boat they decided it was not trying to signal the ship; that it appeared to be a boat under control minding its own business. So the officers on the ship took no action.

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