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Originally Posted by Marsdude View Post
I have posted a similar thread elsewhere but after some research I really need some help.

We will be cruising out of the Manhattan Terminal and would like to spend some time around that area. We are hoping to visit Birdland and maybe Central Park. Here are my questions.

Are there any good hotels in that area that are under $300???

The distances are not great, can the wife and I walk from CP to where Birdland is located, would that be safe? What about after dark?

It depends on your dates, how "nice" of a hotel you want and where you want to be. I would first book a cancellable reservation at a hotel then I would advocate using Priceline and bidding on a four star in Central Park South, Mid-town and/or Times Square districts about a week before your cruise. You should be able to pick up something decent for under $200. If you get a hotel, cancel the one you have booked and enjoy.

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