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Default How do you know what to order?

I think many of us would agree the main dining room food has skated downhill a little since the recession started.

So - if you have to dine in the dining room, what should you order and what should you avoid to get the best meals?

For example; I would check first before ordering fish, because it may not be as fresh as you expect.

Steaks can be good or bad. There are some steaks I might recommend and some I would order if I saw them. For example a flank steak, filet or New York cut.

I would probably stay away from Tenderloin or a "Swiss Steak".

Chicken can be good, but a chicken breast might come dried out.

Lamb chops - usually good, but I personally would not order a shank of mutton or veal.

Pasta is usually good.

But I would like to hear freom people with more gourmet experience than I have....
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