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Interesting. I've always thought that I had at least a decent palate, though I'm far from being a "foodie". That said, I have to comment that I have NOT noticed a deterioration in the MDR meals served on HAL. My last cruise was my first on Princess, and I was disappointed in both the lack of variety and in the preparation of several dishes, but put it down to that particular ship; perhaps I was actually seeing the result of a downward trend there.

When we were given a tour of the storerooms on the Eurodam, we were told that ALL fish comes on board frozen. I happen to like fish, and would not have otherwise known. I often order veal or lamb when it's offered, because my husband does not care for them and so we don't have them at home.

On other lines I've seen references to meatloaf, and in this one to "swiss steak" --- I have never seen either of those on a menu.
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