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My wife likes to eat alot of fish when on a cruise since we don't prepare it at home all that much as I'm not a big fish eater. But as with steaks, some fish is definitely better than others.

As for steaks, personally I feel that we use to get a good choice steak in the main dining room, but now it seems like they're only serving select steak, which is not as good in quality. The specialty restaurants usually serve prime steaks, so we usually love to order a good steak there.

Since we're seniors (both of us are 62), we really like good food, so we really appreciate the food on Celebrity. We just got back from a cruise on the Paul Gauguin in Tahiti and I'm here to tell you that all of the food was the best we've ever had on any cruise, period! The surf & turf with filet mignon and lobster was to die for!!

But I'm thinking if food is one of the most important parts of your cruise, then you really need to research and decide which cruise line will satisfy your appetite. Because, as we all know, food is VERY subjective and what one person loves, another will hate.

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