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Default Transatlantic travel via ship

Hello everyone!

Completely new here, and very new to the concept of cruises.

I am looking at traveling by ship as an alternative to flying to get from point A to point B - namely, to get across the Atlantic from the US to the UK sometime in early 2013.

Although I am uninterested in the many of the luxuries/amenities offered by the cruise companies, I have found some cruise lines to be much less expensive than taking a freighter/cargo ship. (Cunard and Norwegian Cruise Line seem to be the best in transatlantic offers, price and date-wise.)

Some basic questions:

1. Are the displayed cabin prices per person, or simply for that cabin?

It seems that those who are traveling alone (as I likely will) sometimes try to find a cabin-mate to share costs. If this is allowed by the cruise companies, I may try to find a cabin-mate too.

2. Also, if one avoids the fancier restaurants, are basic meals included in the cost? (Norwegian Lines list some restaurants as "complimentary".)

3. Do cabin prices tend to increase closer to the date of departure, or do they tend to decrease?

Thanks *so* much, everyone! Many apologies if this information is easily obtained elsewhere on this forum. I do not wish to waste anyone's time, and will be happy to follow any links.
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