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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
You probably already know that the USPH claims jurisdiction over all cruise ships that call at US Ports, all cruise ships whose sister ships call at US Ports, and all cruise ships whose companies sell cruises from the USA. When you think about it, that covers just about every cruise ship on earth.
USPH requires at ALL fish and shellfish served to passengers on the cruise ships they claim jurisdiction over, to be frozen before being cooked and/or served to pax. Strangely, this requirement does not cover fish served to crew.

Granted, some ships sailing outside US waters do cheat on occasion - and get away with it. Considering that the Japanese have been eating plenty fresh fish for the past few millenia - and doing quite well for it - it is probably not so risky to have the occasional fresh fish fillet on a cruise.

But sadly, expecting fresh fish on a cruise ship today is generally an exercise in futility.
Bruce, on a number of occassions, I have seen fresh fish cooked on a ship. First, are those times where fish is caught on a shore excursion and then cooked up for the individuals catching the fish. Second, I have seen local fisherman contacted in order to make a trade for some of their catch. Although not frequent, fresh fish does show up on board.

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