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Originally Posted by shantihhh View Post
Good luck on that. My late husband I got our print out aboard the Noordam May/June last year and found bar errors! There was one gal at the front desk and when I waited in line, then asked her about the purchases that we did NOT make and our lost cleaning, she disappeared. Finally she told me I'd have to discuss it with HAL in Seattle. WHAT? I never got it resolved and was told oh you'll have to write blah-blah and I did nothing ever happened. My husband became ill and was in the hospital 11 times so I didn't constantly bird dog this.

Since we loved our cruises on the Westerdam and Ryndam I decided to give HAL one more chance! Noordam had many issues including not cleaning the room-not even by 10 PM and we were not in the room all day, dirty rags about the room several times, even top Housekeeping Officer became involved. Hoping the Prisendam is up to the standards that we became accustomed to on previous cruises, especially this time as I might not have patience for another Noordam expierence.
We've been on 43 cruises and have sailed HAL quite a bit. Since we're seniors (62), they are more in tune with our lifestyle. But while we've only had a few minor problems with HAL, personally we prefer Celebrity, especially their new Solstice-class ships. They are absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to do a cruise on the new Reflection.

But as for your problem, you did the right thing taking it to the Purser's Office. It's always better to try and resolve it at the lowest possible level and then work your way up the chain while on the ship. Definitely want to document everything as you go along making notes of who you talked to and when. If the person at the counter was not able to take care of you, then politely request to talk to a supervisor. If you still don't get satisfaction, then request to speak to the hotel manager. If you still can't get any resolution, then make sure to turn everything over to your agent after the cruise. Of course, if you didn't use an agent, then you're on your own. But this is one of the main reasons why it's always best to use an agent as they have access to contacts you don't have and they are more than willing to use their skills to assist you. After all, they represent you and want your repeat business, whereas the cruise line represents themselves, so they'll be slow in responding and make it difficult hoping you'll eventually just give up.

Based on the information you provided, the Purser's Office should have handled this better and that reflects bad on their customer service skills. Unfortunately, sometimes one person can have a negative impact on your overall cruise experience.

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