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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
Well, not quite ALL shellfish. You can select a fresh live lobster out of the salt water tank in the Crown Grill on the Crown Princess. It was one of the best lobster dinners we've ever had.

Good point. It is possible on a few ships to have live lobsters.
But did you actually see a salt water tank?
When I last worked on Crown Princess we had to keep live lobsters in the refrigerator - not in water.
USPH has an entire program devoted to the multitude of regulations on live seafood from salt water tanks.

NCL installed a few lobster tanks on their ships several years ago. The regulations were so complex that they had to give it up - at least officially.
They kept the tanks and the lobsters, but claimed that they were aquariums and not for eating. Then they sneaked the lobsters out when someone ordered them.
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