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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Bruce, on a number of occassions, I have seen fresh fish cooked on a ship. First, are those times where fish is caught on a shore excursion and then cooked up for the individuals catching the fish. Second, I have seen local fisherman contacted in order to make a trade for some of their catch. Although not frequent, fresh fish does show up on board.
Exactly. That's why I stated in my post that some ships break the rules on occasion. If not calling at a North American port, it is highly unlikely that USPH will be around to check these things. It is even more unlikely that any passenger will have health problems eating fresh fish on a ship.

My ship is currently in Alaska. Every week we bring on fresh mussels and halibut. Most of this seafood is eaten by the officers - but the occasional VIP finds a surprise in front of him at dinner.
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