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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
They claimed all of their out-of-pocket expenses and the insurance company paid up to the maximum amount they had insured. So obviously, they did not receive payment for the excursions. I then contacted the cruise line and we worked out a deal so they didn't have to pay for the entire amount. Again, just another reason why it's always better to book with an agent instead of trying to do everything yourself. It's good to have someone working for you so you don't have to feel alone when battling the big bad corporations.

I think it's OUTRAGEOUS that a cruise line would not automatically refund excursions booked in advance if a cruise is cancelled.

They promote the advanced booking, as a means to reduce the numbers of people purchasing tours locally, or not doing organized tours. Thus to charge for them in advance of sailing is descpicable.

I've yet to encounter private tour operators anywhere who require pre-payment. Perhaps a deposit, but it's always totally refundable if the ship can't make the port, or the people have to cancel the trip entirely.
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