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Mike, Over the years here, we have mentioned reading your cruise contract, over and over, and, yet we get posters who rage, when a port is missed, asking for bazillions in refunds. Remember when there was almost a mutiny on an RCI ship, with passengers signing petitions in the atrium, because they were unhappy? I also remember when a wedding in Key West was missed,as the ship sailed on by due to weather conditions...Cruisers need to read, and understand the contract.

I don't now, or will ever, understand a cruiser buying directly from the cruise lines. You NEED a travel agent to be pro active in cases just like this, and, more.

My situation, in March, worked out in every way, for us, with insurance. We were very fortunate. Age means nothing, which I hear often is a reason people don't get insurance. I think, once booked, the next words from any TA, should be, Let me show you how to insure yourself and the trip, in case of any emergency.

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