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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
That is an amazingly low number. Perhaps it needs to be a harder sell to make people understand it is imperative to insure their trips.

They should be told, in no uncertain terms, that if an insurable event occurs, without it they are certainly on the hook for the lost expenses, and have no right to expect the cruise lines (or travel supplier) to then "act in good faith" and give them their money back because of their "unique circumstances" that cause them to cancel the trip, or get ill, etc.
I agree, it should be higher. Alot of agents are very high sell on travel insurance and while I encourage everyone to get it, I'm not a high sell type agent. However, I do ask them to sign a release so they can't come back later and say I didn't advise them about it. Unfortunately, alot of people just take the chance and don't want to spend the extra money. Always amazes me how some people will spend months researching a cruise to save $25, but then gamble by not purchasing the insurance to protect a $3000 expenditure.

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