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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
Incidentally, have you ever read your full passenger contract on your cruise documents? The basic contract for a cruise is that the company will "attempt to provide passage." Time and date are not of the essence, ports are not of the essence, itinerary and route are not of the essence, even the ship used is not of the essence. Legally the cruise line can (and in some cases has) change any or all of those under the contract you accept.
If you ever read those passenger contracts in their entirety it basically says the cruise line is not responsible for anything. And, you waive all rights for everything that can go wrong. It was written by lawyers for lawyers and not even lawyers can understand it. If you ever have a problem it's all about how much money you've got to hire the right lawyer willing to fight the verbage in the contract and assess blame.

The bottom line is, as I always tell people, when taking a cruise you need to be flexible. Things happen; mechanical systems can break, weather can impact the itinerary, and people get sick. You can get upset or just go with the flow. If you go to a resort for a week and it rains the whole time you're there, do you think you have a lawsuit against the resort?

But hey, there are always those people who are never happy. As my credo says, "You'll always find what you're looking for, so look for the best in everything." In other words, if you want to be unhappy, you'll always find things that will make you unhappy. But if you can let the small things role off your back, then you'll go through life alot happier. Just depends on what you're looking for.

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