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I just read an article about what high school (or college) graduates "know."

They obviously know very little about landing on the moon, the Kennedy assasination, The end of the Soviet Bloc & Berlin Wall, Mao's Culture Wars, etc.

BUT they also do not know a world without the Internet, cable TV or cell-phones (since they were old enough to have a phone of their own).

For "toys" I guess many of them had an etch-a-sketch, transformers, Barbi-style dolls and then progressed to Video Games where they pretty much landed.

They barely remember the Internet and computer bubble or when Jeff Bezos was man of the year before Amazoin was profitable. They don't know dial-up modems.

My childhood was about playing in a sandbox, watching shows like Andy Griffith and Dick Van Dyke, going to Disneyland, live music (not hip hop DJs), Comedians who were clean and truly funny like Bill Cosby, Steve Martin and Alan Sherman. Movies like the Singing Nun, Sound of Music and Ben Hur (about real people, not superheros or vampires).
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