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Not that I care to debate it, but as far as the molester comment - just for the record there was a time when lots of kids in America walked around naked openly around the house or at beaches, etc. And they still do it in Europe. Any child five or under is not considered a sexual object.

This town of Lehi (I have been there) is a backwoods Mormon town (and no, not typical Mormom any more than the Applachians are normal Americans) where people are raised very much in old-school Americanism. They do not have nightclubs, videogames, even movie theaters. So, while this was stupid from a poop aspect, the nudity angle in a way is sort of innocent in that the mother really didn't know how better.

Modern Americans are uniquely hung up on nudity - more so than they were 100 years ago, strangely enough - just to be clear. All the magazine covers in Europe (Vogue, Elle, etc,) feature topless women every month.

It is much more the poop aspect of this situation that freaks me out, but not so much the nudity.
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