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I see no problem at all with a woman discreetly breast feeding a baby in public but to sit a child on a potty chair to take a crap in a public restaurant is the ultimate in dumb!
I can't believe someone didn't summon the manager , who should have had her immediately leave and / or call the authorities. ( Health problems to start with )--
This woman seriously needs to be examined to see is she is competent to even have a child or children in her care.
Just when you think we can't go any further down the toilet along comes something else. Guess this will become a fad now !
I can just see the host/ hostess at a restaurant-- "Good Evening Mrs Dumb--I see you have 3 kids-- would you like the bowel movement section or the regular seating area? Oh the crapping section ?? --how many potty seats will you need??"
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