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Default Silversea to Host Michelin-Star Chefs

Silversea to Host Michelin-Star Chefs
By Janice Wald Henderson
CruiseMates Culinary Editor

Silversea's guest chefs have serious cooking credentials on an international scale.

Silversea's special wine and culinary
cruises offer world-class instruction

For years, famous chefs eschewed cruising the way the rest of us avoid colds. But today, they're jumping at the chance to teach classes and cook onboard. One reason they're now so eager is that shipboard cuisine has vastly improved. Top cruise chefs are more sophisticated, often coming from noted restaurants onshore. And it's easier for visiting chefs to work with them. Trust me, if Silversea Cruises' cuisine on was awful, the Michelin-star award-winners just announced for upcoming sails would not be doing a stint on the ships - even for a fancy vacation.

The names instantly grabbed my attention. They're not the usual in-your-face American television stars, selling pots and pans, opening dozens of restaurants and yes, occasionally cooking. Silversea's new list features chefs not well known on American shores but who have serious cooking cred on an international scope. And that makes sense for Silversea. This luxury line appeals to a global crowd.

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