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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Sorry for my delay in responding to this post..Bruce has told me that the operating system for this netbook is not Expedia, which is what I had before. I have to wait till a certain new program comes up,[something 8] to update this system.

I have to tell you, I am bloody lazy..I hate that I have to always type in, what used to come up automatically.
Expedia is a Search Engine, not an Operating System. There are over 130 search engines, the most popular being Google. Others include Bing and Yahoo.

Windows 7 is an Operating System. Other operating systems include Linux and OS X, which runs on Apple Macs.

Internet Explorer 8 is a Web Browser, which is neither a Search Engine nor an Operating System, but is probably what you are waiting on. Other Web Browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, and Opera.

It's hard to help because I don't know which variant of the above you are using, but ...

Look at the upper right of your browser screen. You should see a box with a magnifying glass, a word or two, perhaps Bing, and a down arrow. Click on the down arrow and you should get a box, "Manage Add-ons." If you get this far, you should see a line at the bottom, "Find more search providers ..." Click on this line. A window will open. In the upper right hand corner will be another box. Type Expedia in this box, and hit the return key. This will allow you to change you default search engine to Expedia.

I'll do my best with any other questions, but the more information you can supply, the better I can help.
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