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Originally Posted by tbowman View Post
My friend who is a LTC in the Army will be going on a cruise with me this next year. He has the Army Dinner Jacket/Officer Dress Mess and wants to wear it on the formal night. It rivals the Tux and is very nice looking and (he looks great in it - I might add). Is this acceptable? We will be sailing out of Tampa, and I figure that most everyone on board will be American and used to seeing soldiers in uniform, but I dont want to cause a "stir".

Here are a couple of photos that I was able to find. I could not find his exact one. It will be sorta like these, only with the Field Artillery colors (red) on the lapel.

On one cruise we had a group officers from the Canadian RCMP.
They wore there Red Serge dinner outfits (not the uniform you see in pictures ) on formal night. That really made the formal night stand out.

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