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You know you're as old as dirt (yours truly being the perfect example) when:

Virtually all telephones were black with a dial face.

In many (probably most) large cities, mail was delivered twice a day to your home.

You remember when they first came out with 45 records (many today have never even seen a "45" certainly not a "78" and probably not many "33's."

You just couldn't understand why your parents didn't run out and get one of those new color TV sets that probably ran half the price of a good used car.

Everyone knew the cop on the beat and ran to him for everything, regardless of whether or not it amounted to a hill of beans and he'd give you the time to listen and then explain.

If the cops tagged you for misbehavior, your father beat the hell out of you and if a cop beat fell it necessary to even give you a dresing down, etc.,from your parents, got no sympathy owhatsoever but were yelled at by a cop, embarrassing them, you really caught it from your Father because you probably not only got your keester really kicked again by your father and if you were old enough to get it from a cop, your dad would use his belt. In short, if you were the normal kid, you only did that one time!

If you did something to be sent to what is today known as, "Time out" it usually consisted of not watching TV for a week or no ice cream for a month. Getting stopped or eve worse, getting a ticket meant you walked or took Public Transportation for six months.

If you got an allowance, your "earned" certainly wasn't just handed to you. Boys were expected to actually work at things such as paper routes.

And people actually wonder why we're in so much trouble today.
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