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Default Browsers don't count like PBS viewers who don't contribute

Originally Posted by Lakers Fan View Post
For some reason a lot of people prefer to lurk than post . I've met people who have a handful of posts but read the boards every day .
I'm not sure but those person who do not send in a thread or contribute to a thread do not count toward the total audience count which advertising rates are based. In other words, Paul's and every editor's efforts are not rewarded in the form of revenue which keeps the site alive. It's like those people who watch and enjoy Public Broadcasting System great shows and do not contribute to keeping PBS on the air.

I think that "lurkers" prefer term "browsers" should just say something nice about the site and compliment all of the wonderful information sources that are available.

Actually, I might be wrong about revenue generation information. But this email is not meant to be criticism Cruisemates a form of capitalism and free enterprise that does not have a government subsidy or a loan - yet!!!
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