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Default Female serial cruiser seeking same

Looking for a female cabin mate interested in sharing a cabin?

I am wanting to Plan a 7 day or longer cruise in the Caribbean (preferrably Southern) before the years end. I am a non smoker and non druggie looking for same. I do drink one or two a day while cruising but not to get drunk. I like to dance in the night clubs because I love music and movement, not to pick up men. I love the beaches and the sun. My friends cannot afford cruising, don't have the same vacation times or won't leave their husbands that long. I am a straight married female and my husband wants no part of cruising or the beaches. I love to dress up for formal evenings and also like to do or watch some of the silly activities on board.

No pressure to hang out together 24/7, but would love to share a cabin so we can both avoid those criminally high single-room supplemental rates. I am keen to book a room very soon so would love to hear from another female who might share my passion for cruising.

My dream cruise would have one stop in Aruba or even an Hawaiian cruise some day. More importantly I am in search of finding some cruise mates (straight female only) that would like to plan together to go on cruises (2 or 3) per year. We do not have to plan every activity together while on our cruise but if there was some mutual interest to do an activity or two a day that would be a bonus. You won't find me reading a book by the pool, but it would not bother me to cruise with someone who does. I will most likely be the one people watching while sipping a frozen drink by the pool. I would also be the one that went to ALL the sit down dinners each evening. I would be at the blackjack table, especially on non-smoking night in the casino. I would also try my luck entering into the blackjack tournament. I enjoy all types of entertainment shows: comedy, magician, music performances etc. And you would most likely see me in one of the night clubs dancing for about an hour when the music is lively. I would use my cabin only to sleep and shower and dress. I book the cheapest inside cabins so that I can spend my money on other parts of my cruise.

Is there anyone out there that share a similar desire to cruise but have no-one they can cruise with?
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