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Originally Posted by OyaSophia View Post
I'm 53, female and retired. My best buddy, with whom I have been cruising for the last 15+ years, is no longer able to travel, unless she brings her 2 year-old granddaughter. So, I'm in search of a new cruise partner.

I'm interested in anything from a short 3-4 day cruise to the Bahamas - all the way to a world cruise. (I would want us to try one or two shorter cruises first, just to be sure we're a good fit.)

I'm fairly fit, but I don't do super active excursions like zip lines, scuba or rock climbing. But I'm also perfectly happy for my roomie to go off and do those things on her own. I would like to have a fairly consistent dinner companion, though I enjoy anytime dining and joining other groups for variety and meeting new people.

I don't smoke. I drink wine with dinner on some nights.

I am Platinum on Princess. I have also cruised with Royal Caribbean. I'm open to other cruise lines, particularly if you are at a level that affords us some extras.

I enjoy reading, playing cards, crochet, Bingo, cooking classes, conversation, history, historical sites, museums, markets, gorgeous views and laughter.

In my work life, I was in higher education administration. I also served as an alcohol & drug counselor and provided marriage and family counseling. In my retirement, I try very hard not to administer anything or counsel anyone. But obviously, I would prefer to travel with someone who does not have issues with alcohol or drugs and is fairly stable and low key.

If you think we might travel well together, please send me a private message.

HI, I`m Wiscelia; I live in Orlando and I want to book an 8 day exotic Caribbean on the Carnival Dream out of Port Canaveral, so I will be on board for Halloween. It sails on Oct. 27. It`s only $369 for each of us at senior rate. I don`t smoke and only drink on occasion. I love dancing and participating in ship activities. I don`t snore and I don`t like to get up at the crack of Dawn but I don`t go to bed too late either. I am respectful of our Privacy and do not bring anyone else to the cabin. I am not looking for hanky panky. I am 62 and retired but my mind is lots younger than my bod. I pack on the light side but I like to dress well and I like to eat either in the dining room or the Lido, whichever has better food and or service. I don`t eat late. I love the nightly shows and Kareoke and I love to dance. I am not a gambler. all these I`s at the beginning of my sentences are just to show you my personality; Fun and games, laughter and a good time without excess is my nature. I don`t think I`ve ever met a stranger. PLease let me know if you want to go and share this cruise with me. I recently lost my husband and I need to get away.
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