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Default percussion is not for the weak!!

Saturday i had the honor of inducting my mentor into the music hall of fame here at my old high school. For that school, it is such an honor and couldn't think of a more deserving man. Only got choked up a few times so i was pretty proud of myself. My speech started "some people use the word 'mentor' too freely, but in the case of mine, the word does not even begin to do justice". I cried every time i practiced didn't when it mattered, so big pat on the back for me ;-)

After the dinner, we were all able to go to the music building and reminisce. The current director said he would let us play! So without hesitation, i put on a marching snare drum and proceeded to beat the heck out of it for the next hour. I seriously had the time of my life! I was so proud i could remember the entire drum cadence, including all the stick flips! I didn't drop a single stick....caught it every time! Plus i was wearing a skirt and 4 1/2 inch heels so this made it even more impressive in my have a few pictures on my phone so i will try to upload them the first chance i get to a computer. I really have to try and figure out a way to do that from my phone.

Now, the bad part. The kids at the school decorate their sticks with electrical tape....even on the part you grip. I have never like playing with taped sticks but i was just having too much fun to stop. I ended up pulling off the skin on both my index fingers, and my right pinky. Also, i bruised both of my thumbs. Yesterday and today i have been going around with bandaged hands and laughing at i will spare you all that photo as it is not for the squeamish. October 26th is the schools annual "alumni game" where all of us old people get to go back and play i have until then to fix my hands, and now i know to bring my grip gloves!

Oh...and....marching around with a heavy snare drum in 4 1/2 inch heels is not the best idea in the world. My feet were killing me! So if you ever have that opportunity come up, decline.....or at least just take off the shoes.....

Oh! And hope to see some of you in chat tonight!
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