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Default Pacific Princess 2013 World Cruise

Pacific Princess 2013 World Cruise
by Paul Motter

Pacific Princess 2013 is the best world cruise itinerary I have ever seen, especially for under $20,000

Pacific Princess off the coast of Easter Island

Is there any boast more imaginably satisfying than "I just went around the world?" As a cruise travel writer I have perused countless world cruise itineraries over the years, but yet have I seen one imbue that deep wanderlust in me as what I am about to reveal.

What is the appeal of this particular cruise? There are many places in the world I have seen, and many I still want to see, but flying has become a dauntingly expensive proposition. To see the all the places on my bucket list could easily require six different trips, but most of them are included in this one world cruise - and the airfare alone for all of those trips combined could pay for it.

Like most, this world cruises sets sail in January and ends in April. But every year there are about 10 different world cruises offered in all kinds of styles and prices and if you can spend well over $200,000 by taking a suite on one of the luxury cruise lines if that is what you want. But remarkably, you can also get a world cruise of over 100-days for less than 10% of that cost - and that is the one I want, so here it is: The 107-day Pacific Princess cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Venice, Italy.

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