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I was teaching 11 years ago today. It was decided that considering the age of the kids, we would not tell them what was going on, althought you could see the teachers with tears in their eyes all day.

A TV was sat up in the library, and during the day the teachers would take time to go and get caught up on what was going on.

Shortly after the second tower was hit, we were told that Fort Hood had been warned of possible attack, so we were in complete lock down. No one without ID allowed in and no one allowed to leave, unless they were the parents of a student.

It was the first time in my kids were in different schools. My first thought was of course my babies, but I knew if I took care of the kids at my school, teachers at their school would take care of them.

For anyone reading this, and who likes NFL football, one of my students that day was Robert Griffin III.

One of our teachers had to try and get in touch with her father. His desk was in front of the hole at the Pentagon. His group had been moved that day, because the rooms where the plane went in were being painted.

My school day ended around 7:00 that night, only after all of the students had been picked up. No one was allowed to walk, and several of us had volenteered to spend the night if needed.

I didn't know anyone who had died, but it effected me just the same. For the first time, I no longer felt safe in my own country.
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