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Originally Posted by KellyKayden View Post
You said you wanted to see places you have never been to.....are there specific places you would like to go?
Thanks to everyone above for excellent advice. That's what I wanted. Here's what I got:

If it's not a balcony, no fresh air, but the balcony is worth the money.
7+ days keeps the kids down (along with previously noted best value months.)
Some cruise lines to investigate.

As to where I want to go, Vanuatu was high on my list until that terrible show Backstabber ... I mean Survivor went there and now everyone has heard of it. So now Tuvalu and New Caledonia are up there. I'd like to see Tierra del Fuego, which would put me in range of Antarctica. Morocco, Tunisia, Elba, and Crete could all fit into a Mediterranean tour that was mentioned. Thule would be interesting. After that, who knows?

No one mentioned the possibility of accommodations on a cargo vessel, so perhaps my information wasn't valid there. Oh well.

Thanks again!
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