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Smile SS United States: A most wonderful memory

I was a teenager at the time my family rode on the SS United States. We knew it was to be one of its last voyages, which at the time seemed such a shame. We had been living in Nigeria, which was in the midst of a civil war at the time, as my father was teaching there at the university.
We departed from Le Havre, France & headed for NY. It was a 5 day cruise. It was about September 1968. Unfortunately we did not see any sunshine until the final day. The weather was a bit tumultuous. However, it was fun trying to play pinball when the sea was rocking us up & down.
The quarters, food, service, etc., were all excellent. It was my 1st & only (so far) cruise on a luxury liner. I am glad it was on the US United States.
My parents were busy with things (a very active 2 yr old son & a very petitie 1 yr old daughter who had been born back in Nigeria 1967). My parents had to use a harness for my brother. Some lady thought it was cruel b/c it looked liked we were walking him like a dog. However, had it not been for that harness my little brother would have been shark bait in the mid-Atlantic for sure. You could not hold him for long, so this was the best thing for him. Now that I look back on it, I wonder if we could have set up a run line for him...hmmm. Then it would have been really interesting to see what that lady would have said.
I had a tendency to hang around older folks. My memory is not the greatest but I believe the couple I hung out with were called the Goodmans. I even got to play bingo with them. I think I wrote them once or twice. My follow thru was not the best. By the time I was 50 I was diagnosed with ADHD, which helped to explain a lot of things. No excuse...I was still responsible for my actions. But I have had to learn to do things a lot differently.
Well, I've rambled on enough. I just happened upon this site quite by accident, & saw the notice about the SS United States. I think I still have a menu & something else from our trip on that ship. Thank you for a wonderful memory.
Respectfully yours, doug jacobson

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