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The article does not say it will be refurbished and put back into service, it says once it is floated, it will be sent to an Italian port. Two "salvage" companies are in charge of the recovering and towing it away. As the article says, "Once returned to a floating state, the wreck will be towed to an Italian port," Costa Cruises said in a news release. A decision on what to do with the ship after it has been towed will be up to Italian authorities, according to Pier Luigi Foschi, chairman of Costa Cruises."

According to what I've read elsewhere, at this time no decision has been made as to what to do with the ship as of yet and that decision seems to be leaning towards one of two choices at this moment; scrapping or selling to another company. I would imagine that decision is probably going to be based solely on which way will be the most financially beneficial for Carnival Corporation, who owns Costa. And based on what else I've read and what I've heard from inside contacts, it appears they have already decided they are not going to repair it and keep it.

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