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Default MSC yacht club questions

Hi, has anyone here tried the MSC "Yacht Club"? I'm considering a Med cruise and the cruise agent recommended it as the best option for our family - we want some peace and quiet, but plenty of things to do and people to meet for our young adult children.

In particular, I'm wondering about the following:
- is the yacht club restaurant the default dining option for yacht club passengers (instead of the main dining room) or is it more like a specialty restaurant? Is it the same food as the main dining room or one of the other restaurants, and is the quality or service any better?
- what are the breakfast options in the yacht club restaurant? We don't eat wheat so we need a cooked breakfast, continental is no good to us.
- does the yacht club bar/lounge have real coffee? Would they get in lactose-free milk for me if they don't usually stock it?
- what are the smoking areas in the Yacht Club section of the ship? The website just says "some" bars allow smoking. Does that include the yacht club bar? It's a nice panorama lounge that I would want to use, so I'd be really annoyed if I found it unusable due to cigarette smoke! How about around the yacht club pool and sunbathing space?
- will they guarantee me a non-smoking cabin? I don't want a cabin that has been used by a smoker. What happens if I've requested a non-smoking cabin and then find when we board that it smells of stale smoke?
- I get seasick very easily. Is it likely to be problem being that far forward on the ship? I'd rather put up with crowds than seasickness!
- do they have piped music, and if so where, how loud, and what type?

Thanks for any advice!
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