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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
It all comes down to delivering an entertainment product for the guests. The cruise part of delivering entertainment is minimal.

The Cruise Directors have defined ship duties, such as announcements, life boat drills, emergency communications, and a few other "cruise related duties", otherwise their job is to deliver entertainment, activities and resolve some guest issues. These are the same as it would be at a theme park, Vegas resort or other venue.

All venues have issues and limitations of stage size and theater layouts. This job will be to develop the concepts and strategies to deliver current and new entertainment to the guests. The tactics and delivery will be worked out with this person and those who work with and for him. Just like the Captain of the ship; he doesn't drive the ship but he sets the course.

I have no issue with someone who has a multi job/company track record. Unless they have not stayed at each job or company for more than a year. In my career I worked for five different companies in 26 years. In all but one of those moves I was recruited to the new position and did not actively seek it.

Even if someone is with a company for only two or three years they can change the direction and implement new strategies that can then be used for years after they have left.

It is always disconcerting when the "old guard" changes but Carnival is changing and new people and ideas will be required to fulfill that change. Will it be better? We'll have to wait and see.

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I disagree that it has little to do with the cruise component.

As someone earlier pointed out, there are limitations on a cruise ship that are not faced on land.

Cruise Directors are the face of the company at all times. The list of "duties" you shared is only a very small part of what they do.....

they are the "Mom or Dad" for 1,000s of crew members.
they are where the "buck stops" for thousands of passengers if something goes wrong.
they are the ONE person that is the ultimate :go to guy/gal: on that ship ....

I do not know how many amusement parks that had one individual to sit and talk with thousands of passengers when 9/11 happened....

or deal with the outrage of unhappy passengers if a hurricane wreaks havoc on a ship casuing it not to return for days (and then to a completely different port)....

I don't think just anyone would want to tell 3,000 people that while they left from Galveston...they will be docking in New Orleans...and btw, you car is probaby a floating ornament as we speak.

So yes, there are many unique things to cruising....

We certainly wish the new guy the best....but part of me can not help but be concerned....after seeing the changes Cahill has made in the past.

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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