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Default Gay Cruise for a Single Guy.


I was wondering what options there are for single, gay men, like me, who want to take a cruise.

I'm leery of rooming or vacationing with anyone I don't know so, if I go on a cruise—which I've never done before but have been thinking of doing for a long time now—I would be by myself.

The main issue I'm wondering about is how what the experience would be for a single person. Are the staff as attentive of those who are single as they are those who aren't? Are the other passengers generally friendly of those who are gay and single? And how easy is it to meet new people, especially those who are LGBT?

The thought of a cruise is alluring (especially given the novelty for me and the relatively low cost and high value compared to most conventional vacations). But, I want to avoid feeling lost or alone during the trip.

I'm also not really considering gay charter services like Atlantis Events due to the expense. (As I said the low cost of a cruise is a draw.)

After reading a couple threads, it seems Princess, Carnival and Celebrity are the most LGBT friendly lines. I'd like to see your personal thoughts on which lines you had the best experiences on, both as an LGBT passenger and in general.

Are there particular ships you prefer?
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