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Good morning everyone.

I look like some sort of Star Trek creature this morning. Last night I got bit by some flying creature, probably a gnat, and I have a welt the size of marble under my eye. I usually don't swell up from insect bites but this guy really did a number on me. I didn't even have the satisfaction of squishing him and he is still out there waiting to inflict his venom on others.

My sister and BIL are arriving tonight and staying for a week. We are all going to go up north, for a couple of days, and enjoy the fall colors along the shores of Lake Superior.

Yesterday was a good and bad day. We cleaned house in the morning but early in the afternoon I had a brain vacation and was out until around six o'clock. Betty was happy that I was able to get the vacuuming, dusting and mopping of the floors done before I flopped out. In her words, as I'm laying on the floor, "Perfect Timing". Now you know why I love her. We didn't get out in the boat and Betty used my down time for some power garage sailing and taking curtains over to my son's place.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and to all our Jewish friends: Happy New Year!!!! Or, I should say: L'Shana Tova.

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