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We do a lot of "staycation" types of things. Going to places within a couple hundred miles of our house.

We've also done a few All Inclusives and enjoyed them but they are good for a lay on the beach" type of vacation but overall their value isn't any better, and usually worse, than a cruise vacation.

This summer we did almost eight weeks in Europe. We started with a twelve day cruise and then spent the rest of the time going to The Netherlands, Germany, Poland and England. In the eight weeks we visited nine different countries. It was enjoyable. In December we'll be doing a fourteen day Asian cruise but we will have four days pre-cruise in Singapore and five days, post-cruise, in Hong Kong. We love Hong Kong and look forward to returning and seeing the things we haven't seen.

Cruise vacations are the best for us. At least for me. I have a health problem that gives me good days and bad days. If I am having a bad day the most I'm out is that days activity. If I was on a "tour" then I would cause myself and others too many problems. It's also why we usually book our own private tours when we are on a cruise.

There is more to travel than just cruising and I admit that one day in a location is usually not enough but it is about the best, and most economical way, to see the world.

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