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Thanks - this is very interesting!

Being Down Under our go-to cheapie beach break is SE Asia - generally Bali, Malaysia or Thailand. Prices are so expensive here and the Aussie dollar so strong, it's actually cheaper than taking a camping holiday here. eg in Thailand I can get a family bungalow in a small, family-run, beachfront resort for $36 a night for four of us, breakfast and wi-fi included, and I don't have to lift a finger. Airfares on AirAsia sales are unbelievably cheap - often less than flying to Queensland.

By contrast, over summer a beachfront campsite at a place within a reasonable drive of a major city here costs $55 a night. Add to that the fact that we can eat out in SE Asia for less than the cost of buying groceries here, and we don't travel around Australia much! It's a shame as I'd love to see more of Australia, but I really can't justify the cost. So over here we just do short weekend trips or go to stay with friends.

When we were living in NZ we went to the Cook Islands, which is gorgeous, but way more expensive from here than SE Asia, so unfortunately I don't think we'll be going back for a while. We might try Vanuatu though - we love snorkelling and I've heard Espiritu Santo has amazing snorkelling right off the beach.

When we want some culture, we travel to Europe or a major city. I prefer to stay in one place for a while - at least a week - I find tearing around the place exhausting. I could happily spend a month just in Paris, Florence or London doing art museums etc. We're also keen to do a trip around central Japan, with at least a week in Kyoto.

For our first cruise we're thinking of a week in Barcelona followed by a 7 or 10 night Western Med cruise. (I won't have much time away from work.) Maybe next time we'll try a river cruise, but since we'll have the girls with us this time we thought there'd be more for them to do on a big ship, and anyway we were keen to try it and see what it's like.

As you can see, we like to travel, and there are many, many places we want to go to. So I was starting to get a little paranoid that I might fall in love with cruising and not do anything else!
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