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Dr Bob
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Default Re: Beaches in Bermuda

Several years ago the cabs would take you right down to Elbow Beach the Resort Beach. You could rent chairs and an umbrella. You can no longer do that. The cabs will now take you to a steep lane and have you walk down the lane a couple of hundred yards to the public Elbow Beach. Good luck climbing back-up at the end of the day and finding a cab. Elbow Beach is still my favorite beach in Bermuda. You can walk down to the resort part of Elbow Beach and knowone will bother you and possibly even get something to eat there. However if you are not staying at the resort they will not rent you a chair or umbrella.. Best to bring your own or go a little bite further down the road to Horshoe Beach and rent what you need there . It is also a long walk down to Horshoe Beach. Hope this helps
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