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Talking Me, me, me!

ME! I am SO addicted to being on the ocean! I love cruising and have been on about 40 cruises; most with my husband, some with my BFF, and some all by my poor little self. I am a married female, but my husband finds it difficult to schedule time off from work. I will not cruise with any male other than my husband. I cannot have a roomie who smokes. I am a non-drinker (too expensive), 60'ish in reality, 30's mentally. I love to play the goofy games on board like Trivia, Name that Tune, etc. but laying in a quiet place with my ipod for games or reading is hunky-dory too. I am going on a cruise with my BFF the end of November and it goes to Princess Cay, Aruba and Curacao! GREAT itinerary, and we got a great deal before the prices went up. I prefer to leave out of either Galveston or Fort Lauderdale.

I think we're in the same boat (hahaha) about friends being too busy, not wanting to leave their poor, defenseless husbands at home, etc.

On port days I like to do a little shopping (maybe) then head for a beach for laying around and snorkeling if I can find a snorkel buddy. Depending on the difference in price I can be perfectly happy with an inside cabin, but of course I prefer a view. I don't overdo fancy nights because I can't wear high heels, and am pretty casual. I look forward to talking and laughing, but don't feel like we have to be together 24/7. In the evening I would rather bundle up in my robe and watch TV unless the show sounds really good. I also like the penny slots but have to limit my time in the casino because of the smoky smell.

I think the most important thing to me in finding a cabin mate is to find someone who smiles and laughs a lot. I love to talk but I avoid talking about religion or politics.

Seven-day cruises are best for me, but I might consider 8 or 9 if the price, the itinerary and travel partner are great. I love to laugh and have fun and hope to find another female like me.

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