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I finally got through to a person at My Cruise and it appears that they are not going to be replacing Cruise Connection in the same fashion. They'll be doing charters to the ports for groups only & you cannot book individual fares as Cruise connection did in the past.
They did provide me with another bus service that will be taking passengers similar to Cruise Connection & that is Escot Bus Service.
About Us | Escot Bus Lines
At first I though they would be an alternative to Cruise Connection but after seeing their prices for my location---$90 round trip per person to Port Everglades we've defitlely decided that driving would be the best way to go.
If their price was only slightly more than driving I would consider the bus but since it's way more + I can get off the ship & drive home before their bus even arrives at the port it's a no brainier.
I wish them good luck with selling their seats.
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