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Default Med cruise: April or July?

Hi all, I'm considering timing for our first cruise holiday now. We're looking at a Western Med cruise, and the months I can get away are either April or July. April is probably more comfortable for sightseeing, but July certainly nicer for sunning on the deck.

I talked to my family, and they said July for sure to get away from the winter cold here, but then I pointed out that April cruises cost less, and the difference in cost would pay for a cheap holiday to Thailand. We could cruise in April and go to Thailand in July for the same cost as cruising in July! Then they said April for sure.

So ... what's it like cruising the Med in April? I've traveled in Mediterranean countries in April and August before, so I have a fair idea of the difference in land temperatures, but is it very different on the water? Will it be unpleasant on deck in April? And more importantly for me, is the sea more likely to be rough? Thanks!
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